Booking is now available. Please sign in to purchase memberships and accommodation.

When booking opens

Please ensure you book online, through our website, if you wish to stay at Chesford Grange Hotel or on the camping site next to the hotel.

All of the rooms at Chesford Grange Hotel have been block booked and all bookings must be made through the Convention and not the hotel. Their desk staff will not be aware of Convention arrangements and rates and will be unable to assist.

A valid credit or debit card must be used to secure your booking. If the card you use to make your booking expires before the date of the Convention, you must input new card details when you have them to ensure that your booking is maintained. As of 8 weeks prior to the convention, all bookings must include details of a card that does not expire until after the Convention or your booking will not be confirmed to the hotel.


Bookings can be cancelled at no charge up to 8 weeks prior to the Convention.
A cancellation fee or full charges may be incurred if bookings are cancelled after this date.

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