So who is this hedgehog

Posted by Jelmer Graafstra on 27 Aug 2016, 1:35 p.m.

And why is he having a party?

I’ve heard some strange stories on this and we always get a lot of questions so as the guilty initiator I thought I’d put down the definitive answer: The Hedgehog party is all about the fans.

Some of you may remember a fan group on old fashioned usenet, AFP started in 1992 and fan meets became popular. Some fule (Paul Rood) thought a really big mega meet would be fun to organise... That megameet became the DWCon 1996  and 850 members rolled up.

2002 was the tenth anniversary and afp declared The Year of the Hedgehog  a year of special fan meets in as many countries as we could achieve. I happened to be both a Hedgehog year coordinator and on the 2002 ConCom. By then also online fandom was expanding and groups appeared in forums on this new-fangled web thing.

The obvious thing to me was to make the DWCon Hedgehog meet up into a party hosted by afp but for all fans wherever they came from. We made it a children’s party because well because... and it became a full event in the programme.

People brought weird foodstuffs and drinks, played games, danced to music, introduced themselves to each other and generally had a great time. It went on slightly later than the sanctioned slot. :-)

So there you have it  a programme item which is entirely about celebrating fans getting together and some of the life long friendships and relationships which have fallen out of that fandom If you are a newbie, an oldie, a fan meet regular or have never been to anything before this convention then do come along. Play games, dance, risk weird food stuffs and get to know each other.

When I started it I hoped it would continue but I never expected it to take off in quite the way it did. I’ve organised most of these parties since 2002 but never without masses of help from other fans. This time Dave Trace is the guilty party taking on all the organisation.

For me  first time since 2002 I’m at a DWCon with no voices in my ears and no ConCom shirt in black/blue/burgundy/current-purple. I shall definitely be at the party!

Karen / Hypatia