Food Vouchers!

Posted by Jelmer Graafstra on 22 Aug 2016, 6:22 p.m.

Save precious time by prepaying your meals!

The hotel will be running a pre-payment system for meals at the Gritz for those that wish to speed up the time they spend refuelling and get back to the programme. Or the bar.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of this can pay for their meal at a desk near the Tuck Shop. Once paid for, you will receive a voucher for your meal which you can then redeem in the Gritz. Vouchers have been introduced to help reduce waiting times during busy periods.

If you have a voucher, present it at the Gritz on arrival. You will then not need to go through the payment process and can simply get your meal, eat and go as soon as you're done. Those without vouchers can still eat, obviously, but would need to make separate arrangements to pay for their food before leaving the Gritz. You can buy vouchers for all of your meals as soon as you arrive, or on a day by day basis. Keep in mind, however, that vouchers are not refundable.

The desk will be open the same times as the Tuck Shop.