Posted by Simon Fraser on 12 Aug 2016, 6:23 p.m.

Help wanted to run werewolf

Mega-Werewolf needs you!

What is Mega-Werewolf? Well, apart from being one of the coolest names for a band never to have had1, it is also title of the multi-multi-player version of Werewolf we run at the Convention. In a normal game of werewolf one village finds itself with a bit of a werewolf problem but in Mega-Werewolf we have not one, not two, not even many, but lots of villages all being hounded (see what we did there? arf arf!) by werewolves. If you've played Werewolf before you will certainly enjoy this version where innocent villagers and werewolves can also be evicted from their home village and go to join a new village for safety or snacks. Each village battles the werewolves until we end up with just one village standing, then we see once and for all which species is the fittest.

To make this game happen we need volunteers to be the village Games Masters and manage the elections, lynchings and evictions while the Grand Games Master calls out the overall round timings. Prior experience of running a Werewolf game would be useful but a briefing will be given before the game starts, so if you've played before and have always thought running one would be fun then come along and be a part of the largest game you'll play at the Convention!

Please let the Convention know if you would like to help by emailing and we will be in touch with more details.


1 Personally I'm waiting for the film, Mega-Werewolf vs Giant Hedgehog