Thursday Night Quiz!

Posted by Simon Fraser on 7 Aug 2016, 7:57 p.m.

Food and so many questions.

Thursday Night Quiz!

Annie Lennox might have wondered ‘Why’, but Metallica already told you that Nothing Else Matters. Since many of our members like to arrive early, we have the long-standing tradition of the Unofficial Discworld Convention ‘This will be your Pub-Quiz Waterloo’ Pub Quiz. We are extremely happy to announce that it will be returning on the evening of Thursday 25th August under the supervision of Jen ‘Sure, I will give you the answers1’ Delaney. She may have her own theme music, but we can't confirm that it's the Imperial March.

The place to be will be The Gritz, our lovely Sit Down (next to me, oh sit down) Restaurant. Food is served between 18:00 and 20:00, with the quiz starting at 20:30 sharp (not 9 o'clock flat as previously reported). Or shortly after that, if the setup is not quite done yet.

Though they share a room, you can come to the Pub Quiz without eating in the Gritz, or decide to sneak out after the grub has been served because you prefer not to crack your brain. Please remember that the Quiz, although a tradition of the Discworld Convention, is not an official Discworld Convention Programme Item and is purely organised for the pleasure of our early birds.

 Menu 6 - 8pm - £10.50 per person
•    Chicken ham pie and chips
•    Vegetarian cobbler crumble – vegan 
•    Chilli and Rice
•    Seasonal vegetables
•    Salad 


1 After the questions, at the same time as everyone else.