Gala Dinner evening

Posted by Simon Fraser on 28 Jul 2016, 2:27 p.m.

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Ah, Lancre….

Where the Dark-Morris is still observed, and no Music-with-Rocks-In has ever been heard, although…..

In a place where most of the flat surface is vertical, any Rock worth its while will probably rolling, if not Thundering’ down’.

For the Sunday Evening, your local ConCom is proud to present:


A nice evening out in Lancre!

The Nannies

Lancre is proud to host this years annual Ramptops Musical Society Awards - (The Nannies™, for short)- where the glamorous side of Music-with-Rocks-In will be celebrated. Though the Gala Dinner is a ticketed event, and entry is strictly invitation only, everyone is invited to join….


The Red Carpet

Everyone wants to get a glimpse or a glance from the Music-with-Rocks-In heroes. See how they dress! See how they smile, sparkle and (in some cases) manage both at the same time.


The Rolling Stones Gig

Everyone knows that this is where the real Music-with-Rocks-in artists are residing. Not the glamorous side, but persistence and hard work. You might not always get what you want, but in trying you might be able to get some satisfaction.

This will be an evening highlighting the various aspects in the life of a rolling stone, like dragging over things, sliding under things, bouncing off on things or simply hitting things.


The After Party

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for.

The lights dim, the volume goes up, and everyone can let their hair down at the amazing sound of Prion Son, the one and only real Band-with-Rocks-In who is here to entertain us for the rest of the evening (and some part into the night, if they like us enough).


Toast and Jam

The Discworld Convention has some great musical talents, who are very enthusiastic performers.  
The T&J is where they come together to make sweet, sweet music! Bring any instruments you have and any drinks that you can lay hands on - and prepare to sing yourself hoarse over the course of a hugely fun evening.


Doctor Horrible's - Singalong

Yet another fine old tradition: the singalong to the dr. Horrible Musical Movie.
Don’t worry if you don’t know the words, they will be on the screen, or if you don’t know the music, you will hear it when we turn the sound on.