Random hotel updates

Posted by Simon Fraser on 20 Jul 2016, 2:35 p.m.

Things to know

We've had a few hotel queries passed on from Chesford Grange. It's very important that if you're staying at Chesford Grange, either in a room or camping, that you contact hotel@dwcon.org instead of the hotel directly. The Convention is giving the hotel the list of people staying, and organising rooms, and the front desk staff at Chesford are unlikely to be able to help if it involves a Convention booking.

So please do contact hotel@dwcon.org with Chesford Grange related queries.


Some other relevant hotel information, based on the questions we've received:

  1. There is no cash machine at the hotel. The nearest ones are in Kenilworth. Google Maps has some listed. Thanks to technology all hotel bars and most of the people in the Dealers room can accept cards, PayPal or Worldpay
  2. Some members are bringing their dogs, and we'd like to remind people that Chesford Grange doesn't sell pet food, so be sure to bring all that you need. Our pet policy is in our policies pages, which reminds people that dogs aren't allowed in convention spaces such as event rooms, and that if you're bringing your dog you do need to let us know in advance.

Information about food and drink at the hotel will be coming soon!