Looking for Volunteers

Posted by Simon Fraser on 30 Jun 2016, 8:58 p.m.

Fancy running a programme item or two?

Hi all,

We are looking for volunteers to run a number of programme items. If you are in the possession of one or more of the following properties, we are very happy to hear about them at programme@dwcon.org

Has guitar, will travel

We have two sing-along items planned (one of them aimed specifically at kids). Unfortunately, the original organizer had to cancel, so we need one or two people


We are happy to discuss what we had in mind, but this can be run any way you want.

Has questions, can point

We have two panels planned for this year:

  • Panel on collaborative writing
  • Panel on story archetypes

We are looking for two volunteers to run these panels as chair.

The main responsibility will be to point at people with questions, and have a few questions / remarks ready in case the audience has no ideas yet. Or if you always wanted to know something, of course.

Is tone-deaf, can queueueue

On Friday-evening we will have a karaoke-like programme item,and we are looking for one or two volunteers to act as "DJ". Music and equipment will be provided, so we mostly expect you to keep track of whose turn it is to sing (or 'sing').

Has eye for colour, can spot trolls

Guess what, a paint-related item. We would like to make 'rock puppets', and we need one or two volunteers to guide that. Paint and rocks will be provided.