Posted by Simon Fraser on 31 May 2016, 7:03 p.m.

Kaffee & Tee, what's it all about?

It is one of the most traditional Programme Items: The Kaffee Klatch.

A small room, with just enough space for about twelve Hand-Picked Convention Members, some coffee and tea, some leftover biscuits (There may not be any garibaldis left) and one Lucky Guest who finally gets to spend some quality time with some of us.

Of course, guests can (and will) speak to everyone during the day. But there so many members, and often they are on their way to another programme item, or they look like they are already busy in their current conversation, and might not appreciate being disturbed.

On my very first Convention, I enrolled in several Klatches, and I was lucky enough that I was drawn into a Klatch for Terry. I was so incredibly excited that I spend the whole hour listening about the juicier details of the life of Darwin and his ancestors and completely forgot to actually ask or say anything.

It is still one of the highlights of all my Convention Years.

After that glorious hour I realized how much fun Klatches are.

You might go in completely blank, or with a dedicated remark to make. But so do all other people.

So you never know where the conversation will go, but it is always unexpected.

I have exchanged thoughts with Jaqueline on why Dutch Folklore is so much more boring than that of England, Germany and France. Jack and Ian always have something fascinating they read recently to talk about. With Stephen Briggs we once had an interesting discussion about what to imagine in your head while reading out loud.

So far I never managed to make it into a klatch of Rob, Colin, Bernard, or any of our other guests. But I will definitely try again this year. If only to give them a chance to talk to me

So that is why the Kaffee Klatch exists. The chance for a small group of people to share some hot beverages and have conversations on anything with one (or sometimes two) of our Guests.

How to Join a Klatch

Klatches are open to everyone, and you can enroll in as many klatches as you want. If we get an overflow in any Klatch we will draw lots.

Enrolling can be done in Ops until one hour before the Klatch starts, and the list of lucky members will be posted at Ops.


~ Marlies, Programme Team