One Year Ago

Posted by Simon Fraser on 12 Mar 2016, 2 p.m.

Time counts, and keeps counting


Exactly one year ago, the world got to hear the sad news that Sir Terry Pratchett passed away. A loss not only to his family and friends, but also to the rest of the world. A prolific writer. A funny writer. A story teller.

In his stories, he mentions something that by now has become one of his most famous quotes: "A man’s not dead while his name is still spoken". We are fans of his works. We don't just speak his name, we read his books, we watch the television shows and plays, and we quote him endlessly. We are inspired by his books and all of the creativity that has flowed from them. We don’t speak his name just for the sake of speaking it, but because of the stories and their impact.

In the last year, several conventions have taken place, every one of them themed after one or more of his books. Other conventions, amongst which our very own, are still coming. And from the enthusiasm of the members, it is clear that they will continue for quite some time. In them not only his name lives on, but his ideas as well.

Whatever the future brings, there are millions of fans who have been brought together to share their experiences, to meet whatever new stories are discovered and take whatever new journey we go on.

We speak his name. The Beat Goes On.