Pre-Convention Things for Sale

Posted by Simon Fraser on 14 Jan 2016, 7:52 p.m.

Band With Rocks In T-shirts now available!

With only 224 days to go until the next Discworld Convention, you can now wear The Band With Rocks In logo with pride! Yes, that's right: The 2016 Pre-Convention t-shirts are now available!Tell the world2 where you will be next August! There's a limited supply, and that's Digging Our Own Moat! (Simon, have you even read the books? - Chair)



We also have some Discworld Convention 2014 t-shirts, polo shirts and gopher t-shirts available, as well as some 2012 t-shirts and polo shirts, some 2010 shirts. And some tea towels. Phew.

For more information, and to make a purchase or two, head over to the Merchandise pages


These are different from the shirts available at the Convention itself.

2 T-shirts will only tell the parts of the world that are capable of reading your t-shirt. Other means of communication may be required to reach a wider audience.