Volunteers needed!

Posted by Jelmer Graafstra on 20 Jul 2015, 8 p.m.

Your convention needs you! Find out how you can help.

It's time for a little update from the Discworld Convention 2016 Committee. We've been hard at work behind the scenes since we sold out approximately two months ago, although much remains to be done. If you haven't looked at the website since the membership sale, you really should! We're always adding content and information, and the site has recently been updated with the bios of a large number of our guests. We've also added some more information on the people hard at work to make the Convention a reality.

Speaking of things to be done, we're still looking to fill a few positions on the Committee and Staff teams. If you think you have what it takes to help make a convention happen, we want to hear from you!

These are the areas in which your Convention Committee is still looking for some assistance. Don't worry if you're uncertain if you're up to it, we won't take an email as a firm commitment. Just get in touch if you want to volunteer or want to know more.

Gala dinner

Are you the party animal with a knack for organising that will make the gala dinner THE VIP party every convention attendee wants to be seen at? Find a band, set the menu and help taste the champagne!

Gala dinner alternative

Every festival has them; the booths at the fringe. But what do they actually do? This is your chance of setting up the booth and define its contents. If you have some organizational skils combined with having the occasional idea, this is the job for you.


A lot of work goes into making the Maskerade happen, and not just into the costumes that people wear on stage. If you have experience with stage productions and can keep other people to a tight schedule, drop us a line!

First Aid

Every music festival needs a First Aid tent, and we need someone to run it. Although we hope to not use it, it's good to know it's there when we need it. If you have your first aid certificate and feel up to coordinating a team of other first aiders, we need you!


No bands? No Festival. No entourage? No band. From the headliners to the crew of the beer tent, every entourage needs some glue to keep the band together. If you have some people skills, and you'd like contribute to the organised chaos that is the Guild Competition (whatever it is called this time!), then this is your call! Be the glue - run the crew!

Comms textwriter

Feel like the audience for your bad puns isn't big enough? Join our comms team and help them with content for newsletters, announcements and the website. Read all the inside scoops before they even hit the press!