Hotel room waiting list

Posted by Jelmer Graafstra on 6 May 2015, 8:58 p.m.

The Convention hotel waiting list system is now in place.

.Paid up full attending and concessionary members who asked for hotel accommodation but were unable to reserve a hotel room should shortly receive an email from our hotel team. If you reserved a hotel room that wasn't suitable for your needs, or have reserved other accommodation but would still prefer to stay at the Convention hotel, you can also sign up for the waiting list by logging into your membership account on our website.If you are willing to share please do continue looking for sharers, as this will really help us out!

So we can make the most of the Convention hotel, we will be looking over existing bookings over the next few weeks. Please be assured that we won't change anything about your current bookings without your involvement. Do sign up to the waiting list or get in touch with us if your current booking isn't quite right for you and your party.