Background information on the camping arrangements

Posted by Jelmer Graafstra on 5 May 2015, 2:49 p.m.

Further to yesterday's launch, and the sell out of the main convention hotel, we wanted to share with you all some of the reasons for offering camping and the terms and conditions on which it is offered.

Feedback from previous conventions suggested people were looking for cheaper accommodation options and that some people would consider camping if it was available. This is in line with other Discworld events which many of you remember and attended.

This is something we discussed with Chesford Grange and to which they agreed, however, it is very important to understand that Chesford Grange is not running the camping field, or the booking system for the field. This is being organised and facilitated by the Committee. Chesford Grange will charge for hotel rooms. They have no involvement in the camping and are not party to the reservations, booking or charging arrangements.

The money charged for the pitches is being spent directly on supplying the facilities for the campers, such as the showers and toilets. This is why we have charged for the pitches up front. This is also why the booking fee for pitches is non-refundable, as clearly stated at the time of booking and in the Refunds Policy on our website.

As the camping is being run entirely separately from the hotel, it is not possible to 'upgrade' from a camping pitch to a hotel room. They are not part of the same system. We can put people in camping pitches on the hotel room waiting list, which we will be releasing shortly. However, in the event that they are successful in getting a room in the hotel, the Committee will not be refunding the cost of the pitch. Chesford Grange will not be deducting the pitch booking fee from the cost of a room.

Members are welcome to sell their pitches on if they wish to do so, but they must inform the Committee. Anyone purchasing a pitch from another member will need to ensure they meet the minimum occupancy rules and abide by our Camping Policy.