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Posted by Jelmer Graafstra on 29 Oct 2016, 8:50 a.m.

And some important announcements about our next tour


Hello Warwick! 1)

Two months have passed, and after some much needed rest, things have been set in motion again.

Step one, we have a new Chair! May I present to you the Chair for the 2018 Discworld Convention: Tamara Rigg!

Tamara has been part of Discworld Convention committees in various roles since the 2010 Convention, and is really excited to be the Chair for the next one! I have seen her in action and know that she will do one hell of a job.

Talking about getting things in motion: If you want to help out with organising the 2018 Discworld Convention, please email us at, and let us know what you would like to volunteer for, and if you have any special skills or experience, even things that don't seem like they're relevant to the Convention (who'd have thought quilting is relevant, but Cat's quilt was an inspiration).

And finally, now that you've all had some time to relax after the 2016 Discworld Convention, we wanted to ask you all to fill out a survey about various aspects of the convention, to help us make the next one even better. Please fill it out at

All the best from me, and Tamara, take it away!



1) Yes, I know you have all gone home, but Hello World is reserved for young Wizards' first interaction with Hex.

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