Membership types

Convention membership is your ticket to the event.

We have 3 membership options:

  • Full membership
  • Concessionary
  • Supporting

Full membership

This includes attendance at all four days of the Convention plus subscription to all electronic or paper updates. With our attending memberships (Full and Concessionary) you receive entry to all programme events, except the Gala Dinner, plus access to the Dealers' room and our specially-negotiated rates for food, drink and accommodation. Members will receive on registration at the Convention their membership pack, including Convention badge, programme, and Other Very Useful Things.

Concessionary rates

These are available for:

  • students
  • pensioners
  • children (13-17)
  • benefit qualified individuals

You will need to bring proof of eligibility to the Convention, and your concessionary status must apply during the event.

There is no charge for children aged 12 and under, but we must receive an application for them. Any minor MUST be accompanied by an adult member (full or concessionary) who accepts full legal responsibility for the minor for the duration of their stay at the Convention.

Supporting membership

This includes subscription to all electronic or paper updates prior to the event, but does not include attendance at the Convention, and does not allow reservation of hotel rooms or purchase of camping pitches.

Supporting membership may be upgraded to full membership at any time, at the applicable rate (full or concessionary) from the initial date of purchase. Think of it as a means of reserving a place, if you are not sure if you will be able to attend.

Our policies

Please ensure you read and understand the Convention Policies before purchasing your membership.

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