FAQ: Costumes, cosplay and dressing up

While most of the people at the Discworld Convention will be wearing their everyday clothes, you may see people dressed in costumes. This is often known as 'cosplay'. It can be a fantastic experience seeing members of the Monstrous Regiment share a drink with some Feegle while the City Watch wander past. There is also the 'Maskerade', an evening costume competition if people wish to enter it. 

Some of our members have been working on and refining their costumes for years, and some decided they wanted one after arriving at the Convention itself. There are often people crafting new things over the weekend, and you are welcome to join in with any level of skill and detail.

We hope to encourage a safe space where people feel able to wear costumes, or perhaps just dress a little differently to everyday life. We are firm supporters of the idea that 'Cosplay is not consent'. Remember that people in costume are still people, and wearing a costume does not automatically mean someone is comfortable with having their picture taken, having a picture posted online, or being touched - even if it's just to examine the costume. Please ask before taking pictures, and consider what behaviour other people may be comfortable with. Please see our Video and Photography Policy as well as our Harassment Policy

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