Top tips

1. Go to Ops!

This is a guiding principle for the entire convention. Our Ops team are usually located in a central place and can get you what you need. So if in doubt about anything, not sure what’s happening, need a question answered? 


2. Make Friends

Have fun and be open to simply walking up to strangers and striking up a conversation. After all, you already know you have a love of all things Discworld in common.

3. Volunteer

The easiest way to meet new people, is to volunteer during the Convention - but only if you want to. The entire Discworld Convention is made possible only by the hard work of volunteers and it's the best way to get involved yourself.

  • It’s a great way to see behind the scenes of the convention
  • Help your fellow members
  • Have a really great time whilst making new friends

4. Join a Guild / Society / Sect

Whatever we end up calling them this time round, every member is automatically allocated to a Guild/Society prior to the convention. This allocation should be seen as a suggestion - you can join any Guild you want or not at all. By getting involved in the Guilds, however, you can:

  • Interact with fellow members before the Convention starts, coming up with fun things to do
  • Make friends to meet and interact with during the event as you try to win the guilds/societies competition!

5. Make a costume

This is by no means a requrement of attendance - for plenty of people it's jeans and tshirts all the way. But If you want to wear a costume please do!

  • Want a costume but aren’t sure what to make or how to make it? Why not pop into Chaos Costuming - where our resident seamstresses1 reside - and make yourself a costume (or fix up your home-made one) right there at the Convention.
  • Make sure if you have a costume involving weaponry or sharp objects that you read the Weapons Policy. Yes we really have a policy on weapons. Yes, it is completely mandatory!

6. Make a plan!

Once the schedule is published (which happens much closer to the Convention) make sure you make a note of the following things:

  • Decide what you consider must see items, would like to if I have time and not fussed items.
  • You can attend any item on the schedule unless it specifically states it’s for a certain group only (and you're not in that group!)
  • Make sure to schedule in time to top up your energy levels with food and keep hydrated.


1 No, not that kind of seamstress. The kind that actually knows what to do with a needle and thread.

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