Bio: Jacqueline Simpson

Dr Jacqueline Simpson has written numerous books and articles on Scandinavian and British folklore.

She has a particular interest in local legends. Her books include Icelandic Folktales and Legends(1972, 2004), The Folklore of Sussex (1973, 2002), British Dragons (1980, 2001), Scandinavian Folktales (1988), The Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore (2000, in collaboration with Steve Roud), The Lore of the Land: A Guide to England’s Legends (2005, in collaboration with Jennifer Westwood), The Folklore of Discworld (2008, in collaboration with Terry Pratchett), and Green Men and White Swans: The Folklore of British Pub Names (2010),

She has served on the Committee of the Folklore Society since 1966, holding office at various times as Editor of Folklore, as Secretary, and as President.

She has to confess that Soul Music is her least favourite book, a sad state of affairs which is entirely her own fault, because she knows nothing whatsoever about rock music, soul music, or pop music – oh, the shame of it!

Terry did once take a little time patiently to tell her a bit about Buddy Holly, and about Michael Jackson’s glove, but much still remains dark. Still, Soul Music is also about Death, definitely a favourite figure.

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