Bio: Bernard Pearson

Bernard Pearson

Born at an early age somewhere in the vicinity of London Bernard exhibited during his childhood some of the characteristics that define him now. He talked all the time, had difficulty in getting a handle on potty training and took to smoking whist still in short trousers. Those habits aside he spent as much time as possible drawing and when he wasn't drawing he had his nose in a book. So drawing, reading and enjoying a smoke were the foundation upon which his development took place and as he grew up he added a taste for alcoholic beverage in all its wonderful varieties.

He did a short stint in the army and was invalided out, much to the relief of the army and indeed himself. Following this and with the help of a meagre military pension he did time in art college and whilst there took to ceramics. Playing with mud became an abiding passion and much to his and everyone’s surprise, he was bloody good at it. Over the years he supported this habit with various day jobs including door-to-door salesman, game-keeper, milk man, and policeman in a rural sort of way, with funny police helmet, big black bicycle and a police station garden full of aromatic herbs. He has also been a part-time coroner’s officer and, until he was discovered smoking in the kiln room, an art teacher.

Clay has always stuck to his boots however and in 1980 he met Isobel; together they started a pottery in Suffolk and named it 'Clare Craft Pottery’. Ten years later, through their work as potters and makers of things they met up with Terry Pratchett. Already fans of the books, the opportunity they were given to bring to life some of the characters from Discworld was like a dream come true. A range of figurines produced by Clare Craft was just the beginning and Bernard then went on to create as many Unreal Estate buildings and artefacts as Terry had space for. He then developed the ‘Pre-dribbled candle for the wizard in a hurry’ and too many other curiosities to list. Having filled keen collectors houses to bursting point with all manner of  Discworld paraphernalia Terry’s suggestion that he might make something smaller that required less dusting coincided with the publication of Going postal and thus in 2004 the phenomenon of Discworld stamps was born.  

In 2000, Bernard and Isobel established The Discworld Emporium in Wincanton. Now run by their dear friends and partners Reb Voyce and Ian Mitchell it has become a meeting place for Discworld Fans from all over the world.

These days, Bernard’s life has taken more of a retiring role; he draws a bit, reads a lot and misses with heavy heart the phone calls, the convivial lunches and the companionship of someone who changed his life and made it such fun. 

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