We are proud to announce the following guests have been confirmed as headlining at the Discworld Convention 2016. More will be announced as they are confirmed!

Rob Wilkins

Friend and business manager of Sir Terry Pratchett, and co-founder of Narrativia

Bernard Pearson

The Cunning Artificer, founder of the Discworld Emporium
More about Bernard

Colin Smythe

Publisher and agent of Sir Terry Pratchett

Daniel Knight

Director of the 'Troll Bridge' Moving Picture

Ian Mitchell

Discworld Emporium
More about Ian

Ian Stewart

Professor of Mathematics, co-author of The Science of Discworld

Jack Cohen

Professor of Biology, co-author of The Science of Discworld

Jacqueline Simpson

Folklorist, co-author of Folklore of Discworld
More about Jacqueline

Ray Friesen

Illustrator of the Small Gods graphic novel
More about Ray

Reb Voyce

Discworld Emporium
More about Reb

Stephen Briggs

Discworld playwright, audiobook voice actor and author
More about Stephen Briggs




Our programme will also feature the talents of the following supporting acts:

David Brashaw

Backspindle Games

Diane Duane

Award winning author and screenwriter

Mark Oshiro

'Mark Reads' blog
More about Mark

Peter Morwood

Author and expert on historical arms and armour

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