On this page you can find the Discworld Convention 2016 policies. These relate to various aspects of running the Discworld Convention, both before and during the event itself. All our members are subject to these policies. In the case of the privacy policy, this also extends to visitors to this website and people who sign up for our newsletters.

Please make sure you have read the policies and understand them, to help us run the Convention as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about them, don't hesitate to contact us.

Due to changing insights or even something more mundane such as insurance requirements, it is possible that the policies will be updated. We do not expect any serious changes, but you never know. We recommend you reread the policies, especially the weapons policy, before leaving for the Convention. If changes are expected to have a notable impact on our members, we will announce them via the usual channels.

Weapons policy

All sharp / potentially injurous things should be run by our Ops team

Harassment policy

How we deal with abuse, and how you can report it

Children policy

The rules for under 18s

Refunds policy

We don't offer direct refunds for memberships. Find out about our ticket exchange policy.

Hotel policy

The rules and regulations for the hotel

Privacy policy

How we're keeping your information safe

Accessibility policy

Introducing the 'blue dot' system

Video and Photography Policy

What (not) to do when you want to take pictures

Pet Policy

Rules on animals at the Convention

Camping Policy

What you can and can't do on the camping field