The Committee

The Discworld Convention could not exist without a bunch of people who volunteer their free time to organise and run the Convention Weekend (and for most for the 2 years prior). The below people are your Committee and Staff for the 2016 Discworld Convention, some of whom you will have contact with, others who will be working hard behind the scenes to make the Convention happen.

The Chairs

The Chair Collective keep all the plates spinning and ducks in a row. Email them at


The Hotel liaison Team is responsible for negotiations with the venue and handles all official interaction with the hotel. They are also the point of contact for all queries relating to hotel queries, i.e. Room and Dietary Requirements. Email them at


The Programme Team is responsible for putting together the Programme items and slotting them all together like a giant jigsaw. They try to ensure that everyone has something interesting to see or do at any point during the Convention. They are also in charge of making sure that the events happen and run to schedule during the weekend. If you have ideas for the Programme, these are the people to contact at

The Abbot and Monks of Cool

During the Convention, there will be some form of ‘Guilds’ that Members can join to meet other people. Although the main purpose is meeting (new) people, they generally come up with fun programme items and activities that the programme team didn’t (in some cases couldn’t even) dream of. The Abbot and Monks of Cool make sure that all of this remains, well, cool.


The Communications (Comms) team are in charge of making sure that you have all the important information you need about the Convention. They are the reason you can read this, and all the other interesting things, in the very pretty format it is in and will keep you up to date on all the news for the weekend. You can contact them at

The Web Team

The Web Team does lots of magic things behind the scenes to ensure we have a pretty website, and especially that it is a functional website. They make certain your memberships can be purchased online, hotel rooms can be booked, the programme team can create a programme and most importantly, that you can see and use this without any problems. Contact them at


One of the most important Teams during The Convention itself – The Operations (Ops) Team is the centre of the Convention and base of operations for the weekend; they are there to handle all the queries from the lost and found to an emergency that might occur. If you have a question or a problem: GO TO OPS


The Volunteer Wrangler is in charge of all things volunteer and is responsible for the Watch & Gopher Team as well as the first aid volunteers. If you want to help out during the Convention, this is the Team to go to!


The Productions Team is in charge of pretty much anything that happens on Stage during the weekend, everything from the Opening to the Closing Ceremony is run by the Productions Team to ensure that things on Stage are happening on cue.


Tech are the very talented people who do magical things to make the lighting, sound and visuals happen on and off stage. These people work intensely hard to ensure that we have a stage, and that anything that is happening on stage can be seen and heard by everyone - except when it shouldn't be! They usually work in the dark (they seem to prefer it over daylight), yet are essential for you to enjoy the Convention and so deserve our appreciation.


The Treasurer handles all the money in and out of the Convention, handles the budget for each team and has an evil stare for any team who over step said budget. Finance also ensures all the various companies who are needed to help run the Convention are paid for services rendered, from the Hotel, to printing, to smaller expenses such and pens and paperclips!


The Membership Team are there to ensure that buying a membership for the Convention is a smooth process and also to handle all related questions. Cat and her team will also run Registration at the beginning of the Convention making sure that that everyone on arrival can collect their Membership badge and goodie bag etc. Contact her at


The merchandise team makes lots of lovely Discworld Convention themed items and then exchange it with you for your hard-earned cash. This is mostly, but not entirely, t-shirts. If you have suggestions for items you'd like to purchase please let us know by emailing!


Prior to the Convention Dealers' Liaison Mike Flynn organises the space and stalls for the Dealers and handles their registrations.  During the weekend Mike runs Sator Square and is the point of contact for all Dealer queries. Contact him at

  • Dealers' liaison Mike Flynn

Guest Liaison

Our programme depends on the generosity of our Guests to donate their time to enthrall and entertain us. The Guest Liaisons help make sure they have as much fun as other members.


Our (also entirely volunteer) staff work closely alongside the committee to focus on specific tasks, mostly during the Convention itself. These people are just as important to organising the Convention, and currently are:

  • Gopher Herder Karen Schipma
  • Watch Commander Pete Haddock
  • Convention Table Ann Flynn
  • Comms Support Hypatia
  • Monk of Cool Charles CookeTaz Shanahan, Richard McGregor Edwards
  • Ops Lottie Barber, Matthew Binding, Roy Ayres, Elias Helfer, EJ
  • Auction Jason Anthony, Jerry Elsmore

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